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Choose the items you want to give away and remember that they are units, that is, if you want buy two menus you must choose the number 2, so with any of the options.

More options

2,50 Coffee / tea
3,85 Water
4,40 Beer
6,05 Vermouth
3,30 Soft drink
6,60 Glass of cava
8,80 Glass of champagne

* Prices are per unit. 10% VAT included.

Add a book to your gift

Words, pictures, spaces, places and tours through the different stages of Dacosta's creative cuisine. You can see all the books here: Books by Quique Dacosta

22,90 De tapas con Quique Dacosta
49,90 3 Quique Dacosta
36,00 Más allá de los sabores

If you want Quique Dacosta to write a dedication in the book, indicate to whom it is addressed:

The book will not be sent with the gift box, it will be give when the gift recipient comes to the restaurant.

Add a six-pack beer "La Valiente"

La Valiente, La Fallera and La Beata are born of the concern of Juanfra Valiente (chief of creativity) and Quique Dacosta to create a drink that harmonizes with complex ingredients. Full of nuances, with ingredients and craft processes.

20,00 Pack 6 beers cooked at Quique Dacosta Restaurant

*The six-pack beer will not be sent with the gift box, it will be give when the gift recipient comes to the restaurant.


Pick up the gift box in the restaurant is free. (El Poblet, C / Correos nº8 plant 1, Valencia) during the opening hours.
The box is prepared in 24h. on working days The shipping time will depend on the chosen mode. For international shipments contact the restaurant.


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has (or have) the pleasure of inviting you to a lunch / dinner at El Poblet Restaurant by Quique Dacosta